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AMS Painting Group provides interior and exterior painting services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our company is one that employs the most exceptional team of painters that have the highest skill level and standards in all aspects of painting.


Whilst our company has been recently established, all our consultants and painters have painting and decorating expertise that is recognised industry wide for a number of years. With a dedication to upholding the highest workmanship and standards, the quality of our painting services are truly professional.

We are a company that consults with property owners to ensure their best selection in paints and finishes, as well as the best colour schemes to enhance the beauty of their interior or exterior property. Our team take the time to discuss textures and finishes, as well as different approaches to the painting job to ensure that the best level of quality and satisfaction are delivered.


We can guarantee the same high level of quality with each residential, commercial and industrial painting job, no matter what the size of the project, or the challenges that are involved in the project. Our team is one that is a team of certified painters and one that works quickly and efficiently to ensure the quality of work that is performed. Each job is one that we thoroughly prep and prepare for to ensure only the best goes into the work we deliver.

AMS Painting Group is a painting company that guarantees excellence and one that listens to the needs of property owners and communicates through each stage of the project. No decisions are made nor does any painting begin until the property owner or managing agent approves each decision in their painting project.


We are a company that only utilised the best brands and highest qualities in paints and finishes and one that has expertise in colours a, texture and décor. While we strive for excellence, we understand that property owners need the assurance that we are the professionals that we claim to be. 


We are also a company that ensures a job that is completed in an efficient and timely manner, preparing the property and ensuring that the existing property is protected and that our painters achieve their results in a timely manner. We specialise in Commercial and Industrial jobs.